Rock Haven Spa

A historic place to


Sitting on 25 acres, and the north rim of the Smoky Hill River Valley, Rock Haven has been sculpted by the forces of nature. Its history began within the past 130 million years or so wherein limestone rocks at the surface of the Smoky Hills are meager remnants of a long series of geologic events resulting in a Greenhorn Limestone Formation. Formed during the Cretaceous period, this limestone contains a plethora of seal shells and sharks teeth which makes each stone a veritable work of art.

In the late 1800s, the Volga Germans who settled this area were provided an extraordinary building material. It was plentiful but labor intense. Among the original settlers was the Dinges family who built a cattle and horse barn in the 1890s. Rock Haven originated with this barn. The stones were quarried by hand near Schoenchen, which is south of Hays. It is also in close proximity to the Smoky Hill Trail, the Butterfield Overland Dispatch and military roads that went from Fort Hays to Fort Dodge and Fort Larned. George Armstrong Custer, attached to the 7th Cavalry, frequented the area for training maneuvers while stationed at nearby Fort Hays.

This beautiful barn has endured a tornado in 1944 and two fires, the last fire having occurred in 2002. Dwight and Dereama Allenbaugh, owners since 1998, have lovingly restored its natural beauty and transformed it into a luxurious destination spa.

You might say Rock Haven has become a vibrant celebration of our ability to be, at least temporarily, transformed by the smell, touch and sight of the voluptuous surroundings. There are many original works of art in Rock Haven Spa. Human hands deliver services to make your visit an ingenious exploration of your physical and emotional senses. These services or processes contribute to an eloquent ode to life and a certain fastidious passion for nature.