Upon your arrival you will be escorted to a private dressing room.  Provided is a comfy over-sized robe, and space for your personal belongings.  You will then change into your bathing suit in preparation for our traditional BATHING RITUALS.  Your group will then be taken to one of our outdoor in-ground whirlpools, where you will enjoy a champagne toast and seasonal snacks. 

Following this experience, you will be taken to one of our aromatherapy steam rooms.  This will allow your mind and body to fully relax and prepare for your upcoming services .  You will also be able enjoy our line of signature products, including body and face scrubs, as well as nourishing hair-care.  After your steam, you are directed back to your dressing room, where you can discard wet bathing suits, change into a fresh robe, and emerge ready for your spa services.

*These BATHING RITUALS are complimentary, and included in the price of your service.

*Singles will whirlpool indoors, in one of Rock Haven’s luxuriously jetted spa tubs.

* If you are pregnant, you will still be able to enjoy limited BATHING RITUALS by sitting beside the outdoor whirlpool with your friends, and enjoying our signature salt scrub in the showers (minus the hot steam).

*While these BATHING RITUALS are complimentary and pre-scheduled per your appointment, if they are not comfortable for you for any reason please let our staff know. Your guest service attendant will review your health questionnaire, and address any concerns you may have.